Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important part of a Skin-Care routine?
  • This depends on your skin colour/ type, where in the world you live (exposure to UV in the sun’s rays), and whether you spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • It is fair to say that keeping skin moisturized (and well-hydrated).
How long do I need to use a Skin-Care product to know if it's effective for my skin?
  • Typically, for one month.
  • This could take six weeks for those above 50 years of age, however.
I have sensitive skin. What Skin-Care tips do you have?
  • You sometimes have to try a product to know if it’s right for you, however, the principle is to treat your skin gently.
  • Avoid harsh exfoliants and harsh cleansers.
What is the most important ingredient in a serum?
  • Vitamin B, as it strengthens the skin’s barrier and prevents dehydration.
  • Vitamin A (which increases skin-turnover and boosts collagen production), is a close second, however.
How often should I exfoliate my skin?
  • There are two ways: chemical and physical.
  • Exfoliation is the most efficient way to improve the skin’s texture (and therefore, appearance)There are no hard and fast rules. Everybody varies, and the strength of products vary.
  • It is important to cleanse daily, however. Also, cleaning the skin is different from removing make-up.
What is a typical holistic Skin-Care programme?
  • Daily: cleansing (Cleanse), serum (RNR), hydration (PNP), sun-protection (PNP), +/- physical exfoliation (Polish).
  • Every other day: physical exfoliation (Polish).
  • Weekly: face masks.
  • Monthly: facials and/ or peels (e.g.using professional grade products, as offered by Ignite Medispa,
  • Of course, diet, genetics, and lifestyle, affect the health of skin. Don’t get hoodwinked by the latest skin-care fad, especially to do with moisturizers.
Moisturizers (vs. Serums)
  • In general, moisturizers do not work with the skin; they tend to sit on top. This also means that moisturizers don’t inflame the skin.
  • However, by sitting on the top of the skin, they impair the natural cycle of skin exfoliation, i.e. moisturizers cause the old cells to stick on the surface.
  • Therefore, it is important to use a scrub (e.g. PNP) and cleanser (e.g. Cleanse), when using a moisturizer.
Is there any real point to a water toner/spritzer?
  • Dr. Niro Sivathasan does not see the point of this.
Some people leave cleansers on all day, even below their make-up, why?
  • Dr. Niro Sivathasan does not see the point of this.
Any other tips/pointers?
  • Skin-care ingredients, ingredient percentages, and skin-care formulations must be considered.
  • Expensive products do not automatically equate to great results.
  • Complicated does ‘not’ necessarily make something better!
  • Be aware of the media misinformation and advertising bias.
  • Be cognizant of awards that are industry-sponsored.
Can cleansers be used to remove eye makeup?
  • As with everything, logical caution ought to be used when working around the eyes.
  • We suggest that when cleaning around the eyes, products are used sparingly, especially if prone to sensitivity.
  • Please note that most cleansers are not ‘specifically’ designed to remove waterproof, long-lasting eye-makeup.
Are Amaranté products tested on animals?
  • No. Also, all the products are ‘free’ of parabens (which may disrupt hormones, harm fertility, and potentially cause cancer)
Polish does not seem to feel the same as when I first commenced using the product?
  • The fine jojoba beads in Polish may settle over time. It is recommended to shake the container prior to use, or to unscrew the lid for access.


Amaranté is a results-orientated luxury skin-care range, that encourages the skin to work the way it’s meant to. Amaranté utilizes the correct combinations of active ingredients at appropriately balanced concentrations to achieve superior skin health without irritation (which would otherwise be counterproductive to the strengthening of skin).The four key treatment principles, cleanse, nourish, protect, and prevent, are necessary to allow the skin to normalize, repair, and strengthen skin. Despite our ‘less is more’ philosophy, by targeting the deeper levels of the skin, the transformation of skin is efficiently effected.