Practitioners asked for a professional range to deliver the Amaranté magic being sought by customers.

So, we worked hard from home during the Covid-19 restrictions to create a line, which we officially launched Amaranté PROFESSIONAL in August 2020.

We took our two best sellers, Amaranté Cleanse and Amaranté RNR, and made them more potent and added a twist.  The result: Amaranté PROFESSIONAL Cleanse+ and Amaranté PROFESSIONAL RNR+.  Perfect for use in facials and as part of a medifacial with a chemical peel.  To soothe at the end, we have created a sumptuous face mask based on coconut, called ‘The Mask’.

Amaranté PROFESSIONAL observes our philosophy of being uncomplicated but providing excellent results.  Please note that the products in the professional range are only be available in chosen beauty salons and spas.

The Mask by Amaranté

A sophisticated bio-cellulose sheet mask that elegantly adheres to, and feeds, the skin 40 ingredients, including aloe vera, evening primrose oil, green tea, Indian pennywort (gotu kola), lavender oil, rose oil, royal jelly, and shea butter.

Our biocellulose is very hygroscopic (attracts water), and The Mask is pliable whilst remaining very adherent.  Each face mask has been richly infused, and these physical qualities are important for when sheet masks need to like a second skin or occlusive dressing.

The result: The Mask calms (reduces inflammation), enriches and protects the skin, and the rejuvenation starts from the very first application of this coconut-based organic product.

Indeed, medical professionals (i.e. doctors), nurses, and aestheticians have recognized the ability of The Mask to thoroughly calm the skin – just perfect as an odd-on to many of the skin treatments on offer in clinics and spas.  As The Mask is suitable for ‘all’ skin types, some of these beauty salons may include The Mask as part of a take-home package, and we recommend 2-3 uses per week, if so.

For more information about the properties of some of the ingredients in The Mask, please see the following pages available at